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On Friday April 27th, Governor Dayton signed into law the Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill. On Monday April 30th the Governor held a ceremonial bill signing event in the Governor’s reception room at the State Capitol. This Minnpost article includes a photo of the bill signing, highlights some of the PCA-related provisions of the bill to include:


Tell State Senators NOW: Pass the HHS Conference Committee Report; Restore Disabiliy Funding Cuts!

 Action Needed:

Please contact your state representative and senator now, and ask him/her to pass the HHS omnibus bill. This bill contains many positive and necessary changes for disability services,

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Finance Conference Committee met three times last week and completed its work late Friday, April 20th on the HHS Omnibus Bill. The HHS Omnibus Bill has passed the House, it now needs to be passed off the Senate floor. 

Some state senators are opposing efforts to bring this bill to the Senate floor for a vote.  Please contact your state senator now, and ask him/her to pass the HHS omnibus bill. This bill contains many positive and necessary changes for disability services, including a delay of the 20% relative PCA cut, a delay of the 1.67% continent disability provider rate cut,  allowing those over age 65 to remain on Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD), and more. A comprehensive summary of the provisions included in the Health and Human Services Omnibus is available on The Arc Minnesota website.

If you don’t know who your state senator is, click here.  Thanks so much for your advocacy!

Relative Pay Cut Bill | DFL Press Conference on 3/29/2012

The DFL, with assistance from ARC, is holding a press conference tomorrow at 11am at the capitol to talk about their intention to introduce a resolution to amend the House HHS bill to include a measure to repeal the relative caregiver 20% pay cut. Please see the announcement from the MN House DFL Caucus below and see if you would like to attend. No RSVP is needed.

The Star Tribune is also planning to print an editorial in the Thursday edition urging the Legislature to repeal the relative PCA pay cut

From the House DFL caucus:


We have reserved State Capitol Room 125 for 11AM (it was booked at 10:30) tomorrow for the press conference. Our office is working on a press advisory that we will send later this afternoon.

Here is a snapshot of what we are envisioning for the press conference:

Attendees would include Rep. Liebling and other DFL legislators along with one or several Minnesotans who would be impacted by the PCA cut. Rep. Liebling would speak first and talk about the cut that Republicans made to personal care assistants and that we have learned since the immense hurt this could cause. She could then introduce someone to tell their story. Afterwards, Rep. Liebling can talk about the need to restore the cut and discuss the DFL amendment to the HHS bill that will be on the floor to do just that. At that point we would open it up for questions.

Michael Howard
Director of Public Affairs

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